Sandhills Aviation employs full-times aerial imaging pilots. We are currently hiring imaging pilots for our EagleView (formerly known as Pictometry) contract. This position is a great stepping-stone for your professional pilot career path by allowing you to maintain your currency, build your actual IFR and night flight time, and to log a significant of cross-country time. You also have the potential to fly international operations through our NAFTA agreement. We offer a competitive salary, variety of work schedules, and other benefits. You will be given ample opportunity to hone your flight schools and build up your flight time for you to successfully transition to your next stage in your pilot career.

Sandhills Aviation is also actively seeking traveling A&P mechanics. Those A&P mechanics holding a private or commercial pilot's license are encourages to apply, as we have a variety of flexible options to either add to your mechanical resume or offer you a chance to build your flight time if you are seeking a transition in your career path towards more of a professional pilot.

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