Sandhills Aviation, LLC employs seasonal aerial imaging pilots for the Pictometry imaging season, from the middle of October through the end of May. The nature of this position allows you to maintain currency, build IFR and night time, and to log a good amount of cross-country time as you fly all over the contiguous 48 United States during your tenure.

You will be given a competitive salary, opportunities for bonuses every month and at the end of the season, the choice from two work schedules to be flexible for different pilot's time-off needs, and most importantly for our entry-level pilots be given the experience, knowledge and the hours to successfully transition to your next stage in your pilot career.

We are currently seeking aircraft maintenance technicians holding an A&P certificate for our local operations with the potential for traveling on the road for extended periods of time, and mechanics who wish to pursue a career transition to a professional pilot career track.

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