Taylor-Made Flight Training

Looking to Obtain Your Private, Instrument, and Commercial Ratings?

Taylor-Made Flight Training is a Nebraska FAA Part 61 flight training operation, that offers flight instruction to obtain your private, instrument, commercial, and multi-engine ratings.  Taylor-Made’s Chief Flight Instructor and co-owner, Evan Taylor, has his CFI, CFII, MEI, and has with many years of flight instruction under his belt.  Mr. Taylor has several years of aerial imaging experience with Sandhills Aviation and partners with us to interview, flight check, and train our imagery pilots.  Currently, pilots who obtain their flight ratings through Taylor-Made are almost 100% direct-hires as an imagery pilot with Sandhills Aviation.

Taylor-Made is currently hiring CFI’s  and are seeking pilots interested in this "bridge program" with Sandhills Aviation, along with pilots who simply wish to receive their flight ratings for whatever their future has in store for them.  From someone who wants to get only their private rating so they can fly their personal aircraft around at their leisure, to those who wish to be competitive in the high-demand aviation workforce, Taylor-Made has the capability and the resources to meet your needs!

For more information on flight training or our Sandhills Aviation flight training-pilot bridge program, visit https://www.flytaylormade.com/.